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Eco-Safari Tour in Molentargius Nature Park

Eco-Safari Tour in Molentargius Nature Park

Available every day Duration: 1h 30m
Duration: 1h 30m
Languages: Italian, English Children under 12yo: 20% Discount
Children under 12yo: 20% Discount

Option 1: departure 11:00 AM, return 12:30 PM
Option 2: departure 5:00 PM, return 6:30 PM

Experience Itinerary
Your tour starting point
Info Point Parco del Molentargius
Stop 1
Guide welcome and electric bus internal transfer
Stop 2
Guided visit to the park
Stop 3
Free time exploring the park
Stop 4
Return to the Park info point in the electric minibus
Your tour ending point
Info Point Parco del Molentargius

Experience description

This Nausdream tour at Parco delle Saline of Molentargius is an unmissable experience: it offers a unique historical and naturalistic itinerary in one of the most beautiful places on the Island.

The Eco-Safari tour starts at the Park entrance; you can easily get there with a City Bus (5 ZeUS, PF, PQ) and a short walk, or with a 10-minute taxi drive.

The Park is visited on board of a 100% electric minibus and the tour is accompanied by expert guides who lead you to the discovery of the fauna, flora, and history of this unique ecosystem.

Until 1985, Molentargius was the richest Sardinian basin for the extraction of sea salt, and going through La Via del Sale (Salt street) the guides will tell you about the history and development of the protected area, showing what remains of the salt processing facilities and sharing details on why many species of waterfowl prefer it as a resting and nesting site, including the beautiful pink flamingos.

The Park also hosts many other rare species including amphibians, such as the tree frog and the green toad, and reptiles, such as the marsh turtle, rat snake, and luscengola, as well as many species of mammals such as hedgehogs, weasels and wild rabbits.

Tour guests can explore areas normally closed to the public to protect the wildlife, and are also provided with binoculars to be able to observe in detail all the peculiarities of this very extensive natural area (1,600 hectares of land and freshwater and salt ponds).

The tour ends with a moment of free exploration in the protected area and finally heads to the entrance of the park taking the minibus.

Our tour guides speak Italian and English.

Experience highlights
  • Sentiments: Naturalistic, Cultural
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: Italian, English
  • Duration: 1h 30m

What is included
  • Multilingual Guide
  • Minibus Tour
  • Park Guide
  • Binoculars

Meeting Point
Molentargius Park Info Point

Availability: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Option 1: departure 11:00 AM, return 12:30 PM
Option 2: departure 5:00 PM, return 6:30 PM
Please be sure to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the departure time.

For your safety, please remember:
  • No smoking
  • No heels

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