We are evolving Travel Hospitality

into Travel Experience

our story

Nausdream is a company of "runaways"

This is what we have been told in January 2016. It was true then. It is true now.

Nausdream was founded by a group of young Sardinians who ran away with their cardboard suitcases, leaving behind their beautiful land seeking for glory across the world, and returning with their luggage full of experience.

We run away from comfort zones, from "it has always been this way", going beyond difficulties, status quos, and constantly inspired by excellence.

Nausdream is a bit of Rome, Bologna, Milan but also Ostuni, Marseille, Phuket, Lombok, Barcelona, San Juan, Elb, but above all Nausdream is Sardinia, where everything begins, flows and grows.

Nausdream is Experience, Safety, Quality and Passion.

We observe, evaluate and experience every paradigm: there is no dogma,  no acquired rights and not prior certainties but challenges, complexities to be simplifies and opportunities to express our potential by finding the best solution for each interlocutor.

That is what makes us the Ideal Partner for every Travel & Hospitality Company and the right Experience Provider for every Guest that will never settle for “it has always been this way”.

Have a nice journey!

Marco Deiosso

CEO & Co-Founder di Nausdream

our goal

Why we do it

We want to help Travelers to reach their wishes developing holidays in lifetime experiences, supporting tour operators to increase Customer Satisfaction & Life Time Value

our work

How we do it

We focus on our Target

We study our target customer needs

We build the experience around it

We build up the best products selecting the best local Experiences

We partner with locals

We create robust partnerships with the best local Providers

We follow the whole process

We support our Partner & Guests before, during and after sales

our product

What we do

Nausdream offers a “turnkey service” selecting, organizing, selling and caring Local Experiences

Nausdream transforms hospitality in Experience, collaborating with tour operators, cruise lines, property managers and accommodation


we're hiring

We're hiring

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